Czech art and glamour photo models - Prague, Ostrava. Glamour, art and fine art photomodels for photographers. Prague photo models, Czech photomodels and photo studio for glamour and fine art nude photography. Photo apartment in Prague.



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  • 18.03.23
  • For photo models: Participation in the project is selective. Besides the criteria of visual interest for photographers, we can only cooperate with those interested in guaranteeing reliability and interest in applying in photomodelling. Interested party: fill in the registration form for the models (click the link on the left). We invite you to a personal meeting at the MTA photo studio, which is right in the center of Prague.------------------------------------------- Pro fotomodelky : zařazení do nabídky pro placené bookingy fotografů a pro nadcházející workshopy - stačí vyplnit orientační formulář - ozveme se, případně pozveme do fotostudia k fototestu. Vyplnění formuláře není závazné.