Czech art and glamour photo models - Prague, Ostrava. Glamour, art and fine art photomodels for photographers. Prague photo models, Czech photomodels and photo studio for glamour and fine art nude photography. Photo apartment in Prague.



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  • 08.02.14
  • Pro fotomodelky a fotomodely : Účast v projektu je výběrová. Mimo kritéria vizuálni zajímavosti pro fotografy umíme spolupracovat jen se zájemci garantujícími spolehlivost a zájem o uplatnění ve fotomodelingu. Pokud jste osobou, která se o spolupráci zajímá, vyplňte registrační formulář pro fotomodely a fotomodelky (viz. Registrace pro nové modelky - na levé straně). Pokud budete vyhovovat kritériím na castingový pohovor, pozveme Vás k osobnímu setkání do fotostudia MTA, které je přímo v centru Prahy. ............................... Excuse us for writing the text in Czech language, it is an information for Czech models: NOVÉ TVÁŘE - New Faces ....
  • 08.02.14
  • Workshop with classic and historic photography cameras. Individual 3 day workshops in a photostudio in the centre of the old Prague. According to your choice as a photographer we offer you more than 20 types of photo cameras, from the 6 x 9 format up to regular film, or panoramatic camera for classic film material. You can work for instance with Mamiya 6x9, Asahi Pentax 6x7, russian, german and czech photographic cameras Zenith, Flexaret, Praktica, available is also classic Nikon FM 2, cameras like Moskva 6 x 9, or cameras much older, reaching the age of 100 years. You will be able to reach unique and unrepeatable optical effects. The photography themes: 1. Models in the photostudio (Bookings will be made according to your choice. Fashion, portraiture, fine-art, art nude - in the photostudio and in outdoor locations). 2. Historical Prague, with a photography professional that will guide you through Prague. 3. Nature and landscape. In the photostudio you will have secured a ready and individual developing of the black and white negative material, also with an access to scanning equipment for all formats of films. The workshops with classic and historic photography cameras will take part April, May, first week June, August and September 2014. Possible - recomend - is also Darkroom workshop in North Moravia by asistance with For more details or booking your space, please write to : t